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Approach to Spiritual Direction

Throughout our lives there are times when we feel a deep need to look inward. Often this need arises from our emotional response to challenging life events.  At other times, the need may become felt through inner prompting that has no immediately clear origin. Regardless of how we become aware of the need to look inward, we discover that following a path of inner, spiritual work and reflection is often perplexing, daunting and, at times, lonely.  A journey on the path of inner, spiritual work can become much more meaningful when one is accompanied by someone described by various traditions as a spiritual guide, mentor, friend, companion or director.


Our approach at Friends on the Path is to center our relationship with you in the deepest respect and regard for the uniqueness of your spiritual life. Our first meeting will be held to become acquainted and initially assess whether we are meant to become fellow travelers on your spiritual journey. If we are mutually assured by the initial signs, we will meet once or twice a month for an hour. Each journey is unique.  However, many explore how their personal spiritual story has evolved over time, how they may currently feel "stuck", the ways a variety of spiritual practices may be of benefit and where it seems they are being led by the Divine, in whatever form they understand or interpret that term.  Our relationship is not one of counseling or psychotherapy.  Rather, it is a process which creates a sacred space where deep listening fosters openness to discerning the movement of the Divine in your life.  In addition, aligned with one-on-one spiritual direction or as a separate event, we could plan a retreat for you at our Retreat Center or at another location which we can help you select.


There is no end point for such a journey. However, you will know when you are ready to continue on your path without us, either for a season or indefinitely.  As a result of our time and work together, it is our hope and belief that while we travel together and after we part, you will discover a fuller, deeper and more joyful awareness and appreciation for the vitality, strength and resilience of your spiritual life.

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