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Curt Paddock serves as Spiritual Director for Friends on the Path. Curt pursued a highly successful career in academia, government and business. Throughout his life, he has been a student and teacher of diverse belief systems, faith traditions and spiritual practices. These pursuits have been complemented by his extensive travels to India, Japan, China, Korea and throughout Europe.


His personal path of spiritual development led him to association and leadership service with several societies that preserve and transmit the teachings of alternative philosophies and spiritual traditions. He has been trained in various holistic health care methods and the promotion of wellness practices. Curt has been certified in life purpose coaching methods and is an experienced teacher/practitioner of several meditation techniques. 


Curt is an active member of an Episcopal church. He serves the congregation as a verger (master of ceremonies), lector, Eucharistic home visitor and Coordinator of Adult Spiritual Formation. As a part of his work as Coordinator, Curt manages the operations and programming of a Spiritual Retreat Center hosted by his parish.


Curt has been certified and commissioned as a Spiritual Director by the Sacred Journey School of Spiritual Companioning. He has also received membership in Spiritual Directors International and is an affiliate of the Mayslake Ministries.  Finally, he is known for an approach to spiritual direction that is entirely centered on the deepest respect and highest regard for the uniqueness of each individual's spiritual journey.

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